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An African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.”

This quote speaks truth to the magic that is team work, what strides it can achieve and what a powerful way to kick-start off this piece!

There comes a point in time when you question your purpose in the world and whether your dreams are worth it and still achievable? Well, this turning point happens to most people and it speaks to matters of belonging, acceptance and what it is you seek to achieve in the world. There also comes a time when the paths of different people merge out of the blue. Some call it luck, others faith or by accident. These paths seek to map out a foundation of how one links to others as part of the world. It is important for these paths to exist and when they do, be genuine, pure and beneficial.

Just as seasons come and go as part of the year, so do the various relationships we have with others. Some people shower you with blessings  through rain, others bring hard lessons through thunderstorms while others brighten up those gloomy days with the rays of sunshine that they radiate in how they relate to you. People around you are there for a reason and it is important to categorize their importance and work on strengthening those impactful relations.

We at Lebone, believe in team work as an effective tool towards achieving our objectives and as a team. We are consistently re-evaluating our position as part of the overall organization’s targets and as part of other movements that are geared towards changing the fabric of township communities. Our communities spark the light in our hearts for the work that we do. We have a drawing board that we consistently refer to and tweak in order to refurbish it. We believe in this method towards strengthening our ties and progress as a team. At times we win, at other times we stumble but we are constantly moving.

We do this as part of a collective that works together. We achieve a great deal through the various stakeholder relations we harbour and maintain. Strong teams challenge one another and they aim to enrich and develop one another as well.

A team is as strong as its members, with each member playing a critical role towards the end goal. It is also important that each member realize their significant as part of the team. Think of the collaboration that is required by a team of soccer players when a goal is scored. Ask all successful companies, CEOs, soccer clubs and winning athletes about the secretes behind their success and one thing comes top in the list – they never get to the top alone or on their own. It’s the thousands of workers on-the-ground, it’s the many investors that have their money where their mouths are, it’s the coaching team, trainers, technical and support team behind them that make it all happen.

So here is the challenge – begin first by defining your footprint as part of a team. Who are you and what do you do in the team? Establish your role.

If you have a burning desire to start something impactful, speak to close friends and people who you believe can assist you. Make the necessary actions towards taking that first step in defining your existence as part of a broader community.  Once that baseline is established, work on continually refining your commitment, passion and drive – remember why you started in the first place!

Be motivated to learn from and work well with others. Be a valuable link to the chain. Ensure that the bond does not come loose or get worn out by the small acts you do each day towards the end goal.

Then, show up, own up and be part of the action.

A successful athlete spends most of the time on-the-ground – training. A comfort zone is said to inhibit growth so push and challenge yourself where possible – The Covid-19 story is a classic case to work from.

Speak up and speak out, talk to someone when you need additional help and do not try to do things on your own (unless you’re a machine or real life Superhero of course). Depend on others, hear others out, respect opposing views and do things the way in which another person would suggest and then take it analyze the results before criticizing.

Highlight your weaknesses openly and capitalize on your strengths as part of the team. Check up on other members of the team and see how best you all can map out a way forward should a concern arise and see your team go from strength to strength – succeeding and winning together.

Take up the challenge and see your team succeed and win together. Tell us all about it through our various social media pages – we’d love to hear from you. There is still some time in this year, to win and have a strong end to the initial goals you have set for yourself and your team.