Our four pillars – Play

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At Lebone Rivoningo Developments, we make use of the four pillars of education as part of the core functions in executing our duties.

Play is one such pillar, and it’s one of the most popular pillars we make good use of.

Playing is a fundamental principle and skill that has psychological benefits towards learning and the overall well-being being and development of a young human being. It’s one of the popular pillars, I must add where mentors and mentees team up to step up to a creative challenge.

The Play pillar enables us to be innovative in conceptualizing our games so that we can enhance the thinking capacity to be able to think outside of the box. We get flexy, active, down and dirty, all in the name of healthy fun. We laugh, cry and cheer, all in the hope of boosting morale and showing camaraderie.

There is always a lesson and skill to learn from all our games.

30 seconds helps us think on our feet and be resourceful in coming up with good descriptions for words. It also teaches team work ethics.

Other games include, the one pictured, where the mentees were split into two teams and had to move marbles using sticks and not their direct fingers on the marbles, from one bowl to the next. This game requires exceptional balance and hand-eye co-ordination skills.

We had an exciting session play session indeed.

At Lebone Rivoningo Developments, we always learn and play together.