Our four pillars – Voice

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Voice is one of the tools we use to communicate with others. Voice enables us to be heard and our individual contributions to be noted.

We encourage both mentors and mentees to speak up and voice out any ideas or concerns that they may be having -it’s the one way the team can be able to assist.

In our pledge, we boldly say: “I have a voice.” because we believe that each and everyone who is part of Lebone has a say in determining the course of their future. They have a say in where the organization is headed. We all have a say in what needs to be done to ensure that personal development goals are achieved.

We use voice to interact with one another, to constructively engage, to gain knowledge, to enquire and to also listen to others.

Our voices are powerful tools we need to use in order to be heard. We encourage and facilitate healthy conversations on various issues affecting young people at all our sessions. In doing so, we promote a two-way dialogue that seeks to promote real-time interactions and feedback to our various themes as we gauge and assess the state of our mentors and mentees throughout the process.

Use your voice to build, motivate and support and not to harm, ridicule and undermine others. The manner in which you use voice is an important tool towards showing respect and care to others.

At Lebone Rivoningo Developments, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we create a comfortable and safe space for everyone to belong.