Our four pillars – Learn

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Learning is an important part of life for all humans.

From a tender age to where we are in the life stage at the moment. We learn to talk, walk, write, behave – all pretty basic skills yet so critical to master. Still, not many can master it all without a little help and some practice. As we grow older, we learn new things as well.

We learn how to deal with peer pressure, manage our emotions, complex formulas and equations, solveĀ  various problems, make friends and how to help around the house. We also learn how to draw up and stick to a budget, guard our peace and how to take good care of our health.

Learning is clearly a process, one that should be constant and consistent. Others prefer to say learning is a journey – one that never ends. We believe in learning as a gateway to success.

No one succeeds without learning something – be it a technical skill or qualification, developing a right attitude and outlook towards life or the desirable conduct to treat others on your journey towards the top. Learning is a journey, meaning it is on-going and it does not end.

American author, Brian Herbert is quoted to say: “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

At Lebone, we hold a strong work ethic towards learning in all that we do. We believe that learning is a choice, one that is encouraged and offered to everyone at Lebone. We also believe that learning goes both ways – I learn from you and you learn from me.

It is not always true that mentors must and should know it all, they depend as much on the mentees in executing their duties. Through this interaction, a lot of learning takes place!

We learn to work well as a team because we believe that each person on board is a vital component of the engine that drives Lebone. Learning must also be colourful; not dry and dull. A fun and safe space brings out the most in people and we try by all means to ensure that such a conducive environment is encouraged.

Learning does not only refer to academics and school work, it is a broader term that encompasses a holistic approach which address the often ignored soft skills that are as critical in the learning process. These include discipline, time management, memory and concentration skills and being able to co-operate with others as the learning process includes others. You need to learn from your tutors, mentors, teachers, parents, guardians and any other stakeholder that offers assistance. We are blessed to also have inspirational guests that offer their time and expertise to the organization on our sessions – it is important to also learn from them too.

In 2020, we also launched our academic support programme that runs on Saturdays between 9am and noon where our qualified tutors are on duty to cater for school subject requirements. Our lessons will go virtual in an attempt to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations in place.

Keep your sights on the website for updates and remember that there is no age limit to learning, so don’t stop learning!

Learn to grow, be a better human towards others and the world and to succeed.