Lebone team helps matrics apply online

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Saturday the 8th August 2020 was a special day at Lebone.

This was because the Lebone Rivoningo Developments team embarked on a drive to help our matric mentees to apply online for the national student financial aid scheme (NSFAS) and to various institutions of higher learning and education. This was for the 2021 academic year. The applications for the 2021 NSFAS academic assistance for 2021 officially opened on the 3rd August 2020 and will close on the 30th November 2020 – a deadline we aimed to not miss.

NSFAS is a government scheme that is aimed at assisting deserving prospective students who come from disadvantaged background with funding to be able to access higher education and training. The scheme makes it possible for many dreams to be attained, that were thought to be insurmountable as a result of the barriers posed by the socio-economic barriers existing. Our mentees are not only gifted, they are also excelling academically and are aiming high for their dreams.

Youth development and empowerment is part of our core functions as an organization and having our mentees proceed with their studies post-matric is one of our targets. The national department of higher education and training announced that due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, online applications will be allowed as part of the main methods to apply for acceptance.

The team adhered to the new normal as well during the day where: the wearing of cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose, social distancing measures where applicable, regular disinfection of surfaces and hand sanitizing were the order of the day. This new normal is now part and parcel of our lives and sessions here at Lebone where we assure the strictest of adherence to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to always wear a mask when in public to help limit the spread of the virus. This is now mandatory in South Africa.

Our dedicated team of mentors set aside the day, volunteered their time, services, data and laptops to help ensure the smooth process of the day. Our mentees also came prepared with the necessary documentation for the smooth progress of the application processes.  We live in a world where access to internet and computers is still a challenge to many young people and the Lebone team felt it befitting to bridge that gap by this intervention. A successful day and initiative this was!

We thank the efforts of all mentors and stakeholders who made the success of the day possible and we wish all our mentees well on their prospective academic paths for 2021. We will be sure to monitor and track their progress and report back on the milestones achieved as part of our sustainable development goals for the year and beyond.

With such strides achievable, even during these hard times, we are certain that much more can be achieved when we continue working together, supporting one another and remaining determined to see the young people of our community achieve greatness.